Wipe-Out Weed Wiper - 4.8m

Wipe-Out Weed Wiper - 4.8m

Wave goodbye to weeds, with the Wipeout Weedwiper!  Easy and effective.

Check out the video below!


  • By selectively wiping just the weeds - You save chemical and save money
  • Wiping is not affected by the breeze 
  • Unique wick soaking system makes it easy to keep the wicks wet
  • Two rows of thick felt wicks make it easy to apply weed killer to weeds and ensures through wiping
  • Simple height adjustment with screw in centre section and spring loaded levers on extension makes for easy height adjustment
  • Bruise bar on front of wiper gives better chemical penetration
  • Strong hot-dipped galvanised steel construction gives you a tool that will have long life
  • Garden fitting for easy wick flushing makes it easy to set up and clean up
  • Wiper extensions are quick & easy to fold away for gateways


Very easy to use:

Simply mix your weed killer
Pump mix into wicks until wicks are soaking wet,
Set the wicks at the desired height
Drive around paddock to transfer weed killer from wick to weed
Tow behind a SSUV, quad, tractor or ute

4.8m Wipe-out Weed Wiper comes complete with 50L tank and pump

Made in New Zealand.

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