Walco Allspread 500 Simple Drive ATV Fertiliser Spreader

Walco Allspread 500 Simple Drive Fertiliser Spreader (shown with optional hard lid)

Features and benefits...
UV and corrosion-resistant hopper and guards for longer service
Robust construction which is hot-dip galvanised for durability
Stainless steel shutter means no maintenance
Extra bearing above gearbox for longer service
Dished spinner and adjustable fins for even spreading and even growth
Mudgards to keep mud off operator, bike and machine
Adjustable drawbar keeps machine level for safetyX
PVC hopper cover for economy

Simple-drive gearbox - operate from quad seat for convenience (Pin drive also available - enquire here).

Tyres 20/11 Floatation
Working width 10m
Throw width 15m (at 20km/hr Urea)

Hopper capacity...
500 Litres
10 x 40kg bag of Urea/400kg of Urea
DAP 500kg/Superphosphate 555kg
Lime 680kg

2 year warranty.
Made in New Zealand.


Polyethylene hard lid for long life
Swivel drawbar for safety

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