Rata Silage Grab

Rata Silage Grab

Rata silage grabs are manufactured from high quality materials and Hi-build enamel paint finish. The tines are forged spring steel with a welded conus 1 taper sleeve bush. The open back frame with vertical bars gives excellent vision of material thats being handled, but retaining the product. Rata produces silage grabs to fit almost any loader or material handler, with or without a quick hitch. Silage grabs are an efficient and economical way of handling silage from the pit to the wagon or feed out trailer.
Grab tines forged or fabricated
Opens up to 1320mm
Twin rams on 1.5m wide and larger
Greasable pivot points
Welded Taper Tine conus

Width                 1.2m   1.5m   1.8m   2.0m   2.2m   2.4m
Weight (kg)         220    270     320    360      390    415
Capacity (m3)     0.60   0.75    0.90   1.2       1.25   1.3
Number of tines   7         9         10     11         12     13

2.4m Suitable for telehandlers.  Larger sizes up to 3.0m wide are available for telehandlers and large loaders.

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