Rata Shear Grab

Rata Shear Grab

"Conserving feed with Rata Shear Grabs" 
Through the combination of the clean cut obtained from the unique serrated knife edge and rounded front design, the implement leaves a sealed pit face, eliminating secondary fermentation. The side walls and closely spaced cranked tines minimise silage/maize loss during transport.
Optional serrated teeth
High tensile steel
Cuts silage stack face
Powerful rams
Robust frame
No forage loss during transport
Seal off silage stack face

Width               1.2m   1.5m   1.8m   2.1m   2.4m
Weight (kg)      440   480      520      790    830
Capacity (m3)  0.50   0.60    0.73      0.87   1.0
Number of tines  9      10      12         15      17
2.1m and 2.4m suitable for telehandlers.  (Large sizes, up to 3.0m wide are also available for telehandlers and large loaders)

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