Quivogne APLXD Tandem Discs

Quivogne APLXD Tandem Discs

This range of tandem discs have several features that assist in producing a perfect level finish. With many other competitors machines, the X configuration has the inherent problem of leaving a hump or hollow finish.

The front disc gangs are staggered on the chassis and overlap in the centre so that the entire width is covered for an even level finish. The outer blade on both front gangs is a shallow dish. This reduces the "throw" ensuring that the rear blades pick up the total cut of the front blades.

APLXD range offers a strong medium weight disc, with very good penetration, offering versatility of coping with numerous ground and terrain conditions with lower horse-power requirements.

2.2-4.0m working widths
80-170 Hp rated
Chassis frame of 100x100x7 RHS Steel
Disc gang mounting beam of 140x80x7 RHS Steel
Disc gangs run on 40mm square axles
610mmØ blades @ 230mm spacing 6mm thickness
Manual cut adjustment with threaded clamp that locks gangs to chassis
Hydraulic levelling of drawbar
3 bearings per axle
Taper roller bearings on disc axles in lieu of standard ball roller type.
Transport kit. Gangs pivot & stow inline with chassis for transport(2.5m o/all width)
Mechanical braking
Rear harrow drawbar


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