Maxam 2500IV Mower

Maxam 2500IV Mower

The compact design of the Maxam 2500IV makes them ideal for unskilled operators, and are perfect for everyday use.  They are quick to hook up and use, and you don't have to fold them for transport.

The clean cut from the Maxam 2500IV ensures the grass grows quickly and evenly after mowing.  The design of the mower picks up the grass that is pushed down by the tractor wheel.
The wilter spread picks up the cut grass off the cutting drums and throws it out to a full spread.  The quick wilting time of the spread grass creates high quality forage.  Cut, condition and spread your grass in one pass!

Precutting for cows - The 2500IV suits dairy farmers as they can precut the grass into rows before feeding the strip to the cows.  This wilts the grass, raising the sugar content (more energy), and minimising the risk of bloat.

Topping after the cows - Generally farmers spread the toppings when topping after the cows have grazed, to spread the dung and to ensure a quick even regrowth.

Multipurpose mower - the 2500IV is a genuine multipurpose mower as it can be used for mowing silage, baleage, and hay, as well as topping to cotnrol thistles and Kaikuyu etc.  The 2500IV is simple to set up and use, and gives excellent results every time.

Features include...
Spring loaded breakaway
Independent belt adjustment
Compact design for ease of use
Spring loaded top link system

Watch in action - view videos below!

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Cut, condition and spread

Pasture management

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