Hustler TX205 Trailed Bale Feeder

Hustler TX205 Trailed Bale Feeder

Round Bale Feeder

The TX205™ balefeeder is a trailed unit with a heavy-duty chassis able to carry two bales. Stability has been increased by up to 40% to give steep country farmers further peace of mind when when the going gets tough. We designed the TX205 with heavy duty chassis rails as the lowest part of the machine meaning even if you belly-out the feeding mechanism is not damaged, New heavier duty parking jack, adjustable towing eye height, adjustable track width, bearing covers to lengthen bearing life and reduce service intervals, New larger optional string box plus lots more nifty little features to make your life easier...

It has a simple and reliable feeding mechanism similar to the linkage mounted SL-350 which has been refined and simplified making feeding now even faster and now a wider range of bales can be feedout. Heavy duty self aligning bearings with covers to protect against debris, whilst enhancing aesthetics and much more...

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Total Control Loading II

Same as the Chainless 4000, the TX205 features Hustler’s total control loading II system. The new series II loading system is now even faster and more precise than any other loading system on the planet. This controls the bale throughout the entire sequence, allowing you to safely handle any size of round or square bale. Transport one bale on the rear tynes and one on the cradle ready to feed. A low centre of gravity gives the SL700X good stability and more great benefits...

FEED BOTH SIDES > Doesn’t matter which way the bale goes on

STABILITY > Adjustable axle width enables superb stability. 60x6 axles are biggest on the market

CHAIN > 12 000lb roller chain. Strongest on the market > Weight transfer is along the bars and through the rollers onto the track in comparison to link chain – straining at every link > 40mmø rollers which travel 130mm each revolution are very slow wearing (A 30mm ø roller travels only 95mm meaning it is working harder) > Impossible for chain to jump off the bis-alloy sprockets and is covered for safety > Tucked away each end for minimal wrapping > Zinc coated > Tensioner plates fitted

BARS > Zinc coated > 40mm x 40mm RHS is 4-5 times stronger torsionally than angle of same size > Bolted onto the chain is far stronger than welding and easily replaceable > For different bale types blank bars or bars with more aggressive teeth are available

TEETH > Shark teeth release the feed off the taper at the correct point > 6mm for extra strength > Tips can be angled for more aggression

FLOOR > Fully enclosed - no wastage of expensive feed > Polyethylene is impervious to UV, non corrosive, easily repairable and shock resistant

DRIVE SYSTEM > Heavy duty pinch bolted drive connection gives bullet proof drive strength > Direct drive > 400cc motor > Bearing covers give greater life to bearings

WEIGHT > Relatively lightweight 880kg. This is achieved by using high grade steel (50% stronger than mild steel) and clever engineering. This is an important issue on smaller tractors

EASY LOADING (Total Control Loading System - Series II) > Fully mechanical - Faster and safer others with sequence valves and now even quieter > Bale stays clean as possible - no digging up dirt, etc > Gentle and accurate placement on the cradle > Minimal wastage as net can be removed over the cradle > Secure during transport > Possible to load a square bale > 2nd bale can be lowered close to the ground for maximum stability

DRAWBAR > Single post for maximum manoeuvrability > Jack spigot on top also for stowing jack while feeding out > Swivel towing eye > Long drawbar option > Heavy duty jack

CHASSIS > Fully enclosed - stops water getting in and rusting > Lowest point to protect the chain & bars

BALE SECURITY > The high front bar and new rear bale security design means the bale cannot screw off the back or front on hills > Optional side bars are available

LOW MAINTENANCE > Outboard bearing blocks are in a good position to keep clean and greased and now has oil hole over the sprockets > Self aligning bearings are free running and longer lasting compared to bushes

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  • BALE SIZES ROUND: 4’ X 4’ - 6’ X 5’
  • BALE SIZES SQUARE: requires optional side bars
  • UNIT WEIGHT: 880kg
  • HYDRAULICS REQUIRED: 2 X double-acting, 12-60 litres/min, 2250-3000 psi

Optional extras

  • Side bar kit to feed square bales up to 6’ 6” long
  • Wide wheels
  • Tractor grip wheels
  • Mudguards
  • String box
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