Hustler Softhands LX200

Hustler Softhands LX200

The contractors Bale Handler.

Bigger, taller hands allow you to move twice the number of bales in almost half the time it takes with smaller models.  Field-tested to handle bales up to two tons, LX200 Soft Hands is the large-scale farmer or contractor's choice for moving 100,000 bales or more a year.

Even clamping pressure - avoids overstretching wrap
Slim hands - for close stacking
3 position adjustable hands - Handle both rounds and squares
Huge 38mm pins - with beefed-up pivots and greasable bushes
Can clamp 2 bales at once - handles up to 2 tonne
Equaliser bar - for precision bale control and operator safety
New contoured shape - eliminates any bale tearing or ripping

Watch in action - view video below..

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