Hustler Raven Envizio Pro GPS

Spraysmart Raven Envisio Pro GPS

Hustler Raven Envizio Pro GPS

Complete multi-function capabilities for every stage of your operation
Brilliant 6.5" touch-screen display for easy operation and clear viewing day or night with integrated light bar
Multi-product control for added efficiency, including direct injection
Multi-product VRA technology for more precise application controls
Integrated dual-frequency GPS receiver upgradeable to RTK accuracy
Last pass contour guidance make irregularly shaped fields a snap
Four field patterns for easier line acquisition and faster, more accurate coverage
Real-time data mapping, field reports, and record keeping for better decisions and performance
BMP and SHP file formats enhance your ability to record, analyse and make better use of field data
Simple to operate with easy-to-use computer navigation and logical programming
Choice of views - Bird's-eye, downfield 3D perspective and field views
Free software updates
New glide differential correction signal with Helix antenna
New GLONASS GPS pickup signal for consistent accuracy

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