Hustler Chainless TE205 Bale Feeder

Hustler Chainless TE205 Bale Feeder

The world's best just got better.  Introducing the Hustler TE205 Chainless Bale Feeder.

Whatever bale you have on hand, the Chainless TE205 will feed it out!

What people say...
"The feedout side of it is 100% better the way you've changed it" - Dairy farmer
"As it's feeding over the top you can see that the main part of the bale just wants to stay down.  It feeds out beautifully, we're very happy with it"  - Beef farmer


Watch it in action below...!

The Hustler tradition of finding new ways to make everyday farming tasks easier continues with the release of the all new TE205 Chainless Bale Feeder.

Following three years development and 20 months field testing on farms in New Zealand, Australia, and America,  the TE205 is Hustler's response to the evolving demands of feeding animals - brought about by climatic changes, variations in bale types, and the need to make feeding out easier for operators of all skill levels.

By testing the Chainless TE205 on more than 19 farms globally involving more than 110 different tests has enabled the new design to feed out any bale, round or square - hay, balage and straw of all types including vetch, Lucerne, oats, alfalfa, sorghum, and loose short cut silage bales that are problematic for other types of Bale Feeder.

The new addition of a new Axial Rotor with centralising paddles keeps the bale positioned in the centre of the feeding chamber to minimise wastage and provide better grip on soft bales.

The feeding chamber itself is now wider to prevent bale rub and wastage.  And deeper - to make feeding out easier by removing the need for continuous adjustment of the platform.

The Easy Clean Hypaflo Wiper Panel minimises blockages and ensure that feed drops outside the wheel tracks to avoid being flattened into the mud.  A quick release latch releases the wiper panel for easier cleaning.

New advanced features...
A stronger, more powerful drive system, located at the rear of the feeder is out of the way of tractor tyres during sharp turns and allows the Chainless TE205 to handle bigger, heavier bales.
The single hydraulic ram of Hustler's Total Control 2 loading system makes loading faster and prevents bales falling on the operator during unwrapping.  A bigger tyne frame provides extra support for soft or square bales.
Another industry first from Hustler, the Chainless TE205 is the first balefeeder to feature LoadCam - a rear view camera that makes lining up the second bale easier.

Setting the tynes at the correct loading height has been simplified with our new easy-to-read and conveniently positioned Load Dial.

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