Fence-Pro Farmtek Post Rammer | Post Driver

Fence-Pro Farmtek Postrammer

The Farmtek model Postdriver has a larger pivot pin designed to allow a heavier 200kg block to do those jobs that require just "that much more" force.

Fully hydraulic

What people say about Fence-Pro Postrammers...
"I've got 2 Fencepro Postdrivers now, my oldest one is 8 years old and I have never touched it.  I love being able to rearmount or sidemount them, they suit what I do" - Fencing Contractor, Northland


Standard Features:

·         Adjustable feet

·         4m mast

·         60mm pin

·         200kg block

·         Hydraulic block ram

·         40 degree side tilt


Optional Extras:

·         4.5m mast

·         Hinged mast

·         Hydraulic ram for hinged mast

·         Sidemount 420mm, 600mm 900mm

·         Bolt on post puller

·         Rear shift

·         Hydraulic side tilt

·         Hydraulic top link


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