Duncan ECO Seeder Seed Drill

Duncan ECO Seeder Seed Drill

The Eco Seeder has been designed for today's farmer at a price that won't break the budget.  Able to sow a variety of seeds from clover, rape and swedes right up to oats, wheat and peas.

  • - 25mm coil tines: strong and maintain their shape for more accurate seeding
  • - Duncan ‘T’ Boot: creates an excellent seed bed environment
  • - Tungsten tile on the leading edge to increase the life of the point. (Tungsten chip points also available for stony conditions)
  • - Weigh kit
  • - Rear foot board
  • - Disc openers on the front of the drill
  • - Hectare meter
  • - Trailing kit to convert from 3PL
  • - 3PL kit to convert from trailing
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