Celli Pioneer 170F Spikes Rotor

Celli "Pioneer 170F" Spikes Rotor

Celli's proven Spikes Rotor has the right angle and shape to the spikes to give superior penetration using less power.  The Spikes Rotor leaves no panning of ground.  Originally designed for use in stony ground, this machine will tolerate rough conditions.  The Spikes rotor is ideal for going straight into unbroken ground and in many conditions will leave a seedbed in one pass.

1000RPM 2 speed gearbox
250mm (10') working depth
Slip clutch on driveshaft
4 piece Frangor tailgates c/w adjusters standard
Adjustable side skids
HP rating - up to 170HP


David Rewi has been using his Celli Spikes Rotary Power Harrow for two seasons, breaking in the land on his 6ha property in the Bay of Plenty and the 1214ha Ngati Manawa Corporation land for pasture and crops.

"We've done grass and turnips and swedes," he says.

Rewi said he was impressed with the Celli Harrow's toughness.

"With the rough country that was there, we were picking up foundation blocks of houses and all sorts of things, but it didn't stall and just ran over them and went right through them.
There was no damage which was surprising when you had a look at what was tangled up underneath it."

He says word soon got around what the Celli Harrow could do and has been in hot demand from neighbours.

"We haven't advertised or anything like that. A lot of jokers are coming around like my brother, who used to run the Ngati Manawa farm, and I showed him and now instead of using three tractors, we only use two."

Rewi says he even laid raceways using the Celli Harrow.
"You know how a farmer builds a raceway with pumice? We were looking for a cheaper way so we tried it with the spiked harrow.
There was already a lot of the pumice down but it had big holes in it. We tried it with the harrow and as soon as we did that, we came in with the flat roller and it saved us carting more pumice in."

David Rewi, owner of a Celli Spikes Rotor. Country Wide, November 2006.


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