Abbey Muck Spreaders

Abbey Muck Spreaders

New robust, simple, but proven rotor and chain Side Spreader.  Very cost effective piece of equipment that can give an even spread, in some conditions up to 14m.  Can also handle liquid and very dry material.  Standard with hydraulically operated top door.  Range of wheel sizes available.

What people say about Abbey Muck Spreaders...
"We put the Abbey Muck Spreader through its paces and it will spread anything! We found the most liquid stuff possible, and filled it up and it handled it no problem at all. It emptied it no problem. You could put water in it and it would spread it! Then we tried the hardest stuff we could find and it handled that as well. It's an amazing machine!" - Farmer, Northland

Models available include AB 2070 (5.35m3), AB 2090 (6.88m3), AB 2100 (8.1m3),  AB 2250 (9.1m3), AB2550 (12.2m3) - includes hydraulic brakes, tandem axle, 550/60 x 22.5 tyres, AP 900 7.25m) Multi Spreader.

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